At Adventure Tails, we believe taking your dog into nature provides an enriching experience.  It allows your dog to be a dog, using all their senses, and provides mental stimulation.

To ensure the best quality of care, we’ll meet you and your pup for a free meet and greet, as well as answer any questions you may have on what you and your dog can expect.  To ensure your dog’s safety and happiness, we’ll go over your dog’s daily routine, as well as his/her favourite things (belly rubs, treats, ball?) and your dog’s not so favorite things (squirrels, thunder, strangers?).  We want to know everything there is to know about your pup, so that he/she has the best time under our care.

Dog walking services are offered every day between 9:00am and 5:00pm (excluding statutory holidays)

All walks include:

  Drop off and pick up from your home

  Enriching adventure walks in nature, on Peterborough’s trails

  Poop cleanup!

  Access to fresh water while on our walk

  Paw wiping, front entrance cleaning

  Water bowl refresh at home

  Feeding as requested

  Update and pictures after the walk

  And of course TLC!

THE SOLO ADVENTURE | Private Walk (30 minutes on the trails- $21, 45 minutes- $27)

We provide one-on-one focused attention with your dog.  We get out on the trails for some exploration, great exercise, fun, and lots of TLC!  You come home to a tired and happy pup, content from the day’s adventure.  Your dog’s adventure awaits!

Book weekly walks for 4 or 5 days per week, and receive 10% off!!  Minimum one month commitment.

Each additional dog from the same household is 50% off.


THE PACK ADVENTURE | Group Hike ( 1 hour on the trails- $25)

This outing is for social butterflies or dogs needing socialization. It is a fun, social, power walk where dogs with similar personalities and behaviour will be grouped together.  We will head out for a group adventure designed to enrich the life of your pup.  We limit group walks to four dogs per walk.  All dog-friendly, neutered/spayed, healthy dogs are welcome!

Book weekly walks for 4 or 5 days per week, and enjoy 10% off !!  Minimum one month commitment.

Each additional dog from the same household is 50% off.

INDOOR ADVENTURE WITH PUPPY | Puppy Visit (15 minutes- $15)

Puppies have small bladders, and need opportunities throughout the day to go out for bathroom breaks.  We will also feed your pup if requested, refresh the water, and still have time to snuggle and play!

INDOOR LOVE |  Potty Break/Special Needs Visit (15 minutes- $15 + $5 extra for medication)

These visits are designed for older dogs, or dogs with special needs, who need a friend to stop by to give some love and attention, a potty break, some play time, or medication.  We are trained to give pills, drops, and insulin injections among others.

FELINE FRIEND LOVE | Cat Visit (15 minutes $15 or 30 minutes $21)

Although our name has Dog in it, we provide cat sitting for our feline friends as well.  Feeding, water bowl change, litter box change, and special attention are all part of our cat visit.  We cuddle, pat, and play with toys.  Whatever your cat’s favourite things to do are, we can accommodate.  If your cat wants to hide away during our visit, that’s ok too!

Book Your Free Meet & Greet

Pet Sitting

Care for your pets while you’re away overnight.
Leaving your babies behind when you travel for business or pleasure can be a difficult thing to do! Travel with peace of mind knowing your pets are safe and relaxed in their own home. We will come to your home to care for your pets 1-4 times a day depending on the type of pet you have and what their needs are.

  • 15 minute check in: $17
  • 30 minute check in: $23
  • 45 minute check in: $29

Each visit includes food and water, cleaning litter box, home care, cuddles, and a journal with pictures from the visit!

Ask us about customized visit lengths based on your needs.